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The mediterranean alps cycle route

The sighs of the sea, the Piedmontese plain which teems with activity, the jagged outlines of the French and Italian Alps. The environments that converge in the massif of the Marguareis are many and varied, the barycentre of a fascinating and silent alpine belt which has always been rich in mule trails, sheep tracks, dirt roads and paths, ideal for the slow and sustainable fruition of the territory. In this place the ambitious Mediterranean Alps Cycle Route was born, which aims to create an international outdoor district, lying between Italy and France, Piedmont and Liguria. From the Roya Valley to the Tanaro Valley, from the Valley of Vermenagna to the Pesio and Gesso Valleys, from the Valley of Nervia to the Valley Argentina. Seven different valley passes that come together for an outstanding cyclo-touristic experience.

Via del Duca

The project is still under construction, but in the area of Monte Regale the so-called Valle del Duca has been recently restored, between Pian delle Gorre and Colle del Prel in the upper Pesio Valley. A remote track (the old carriageway 194, which began construction in 1940 to link up to the former ‘Genio’ of Cuneo) that, over a distance of 8 km, achieves a difference in altitude of about 900 meters, presenting a maximum gradient of 8%. A first gateway to the entire bike trail that extends into the extraordinary landscape of the Marguareis Natural Park, which is the most credible setting for such an exhilarating project.


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