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The “Landandè” hiking trail

Sentiero Landandè circuito Monregalese

The “Landandè” hiking trail- a circular hiking trail that winds its way through the Monregalese countryside: 55 km long and suitable for everyone, rich in landscapes, culture, wine and gastronomy. Discover the “Landandè” hiking trail on


“Landandè” is a hiking trail that can be enjoyed on foot, by mountain bike, on horseback or with snowshoes… all year round by people with all fitness levels. It’s a circular route that connects accommodations, local farm producers, cultural and scenic highlights in the municipalities of  Briaglia, Vicoforte, Niella Tanaro, San Michele Mondovì and Mondovì.

The original route stretched over 22 km with a total walking duration of about 6 hours and an altitude gain of 698 meters. Since 2017, the sections of the trail (called “petali” in Italian, meaning “petals”, as the symbol of the trail is a four-petaled flower) from Niella Tanaro and San Michele Mondovì were added, increasing the length to more than 41 km. In 2019, the orange “petal” in Mondovì was inaugurated, increasing the total length to 55 km.

The “Landandè” trail has a lot to offer… viticulture, gastronomy and culture, including: small country chapels, the pilgrimage church Santuario Basilica Regina Montis Regalis in Vicoforte, the Napoleon Route, the dolmens and menhirs in Briaglia, the church of St. Teobaldo in Niella Tanaro, the Belvedere clock tower and Baroque churches in Mondovì Piazza, all offering breathtaking views, beautiful landscapes and nice people all year round!

You can find further information about the four “petals” of the “Landandè” hiking trail by clicking on: Landandè special report in Unione Monregalese.

San Grato Vicoforte, @viaggio_monteregale

Infopoint - Viaggio nel Monte Regale

Detailed information, hiking maps, stages and more about the “Landandè” hiking trail can be found on the official website:

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The ”Landandè” hiking trail – a circular hike in the Monregalese


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