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Mondolé Ski

Four ski resorts unite to make one large ski area with more than 130 km of slopes and four main access points

When winter arrives in the mountains of the Monregalese, one’s mind immediately turns to skiing and to the many small to medium-sized ski areas that have sprung up over the years between meadows and seemingly elusive slopes. The most popular is that of Mondolè Ski. The mountain of the same name, almost 2,400 m high, whose name is derived either from “Monte del Lago” (lake mountain) or from “Monte d’Ellero” (mountain of the Ellero river), is the focal point of this ski area. It extends over the municipalities of Frabosa Soprano, Frabosa Sottana and Roccaforte Mondovì and was the first ski area in the province of Cuneo thanks to its 130 km of ski slopes accessible with a single ski pass.

Those who prefer to enjoy winter in a quieter, more secluded way can go cross-country skiing in nature parks, such as in Chiusa di Pesio, in the semi-urban setting of Roccaforte Mondovì or, closer to the sea, in the Upper Tanaro Valley. You can go snowshoe hiking on plowed paths in various places (from Upega to Chiusa di Pesio) or ski mountaineering, depending on ability and snow conditions: from Monte Bertrand to Pizzo d’Ormea in the Tanaro Valley, from Monte Fantino to Punta dello Zucco in the Corsaglia Valley, from Mondolè to Cima Durand (between the Maudagna and Ellero Valley) or from the Gardiola to the Marguareis massif in the Pesio Valley.

Mondolè ski, main access points


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